Programs - Associate

The Impero Associate Elite Programme (IAEP)

The Impero Associate Elite Program (IAEP) is an intensive 12-month elite on-the-job program for Developers. IAEP identifies, prepares and equips top talent with the tech skills required to solve global challenges and the experiential learning that fosters employability.

The program modules include experiences in real-life tech dev projects, Leadership and Business Management.

Benefits of IAEP

1. Training on high level industry standard programming languages.
2. Training in the principles of Project Management and Quality Management Systems.
3. Exposure to World Class IT Projects In the Start Up Ecosystem and Enterprise Sectors
4. Microsoft Developer Certifications as Impero Techne Limited is a Microsoft Partner ID: 6409075.
5. The 12 month period of IAEP also qualifies as Working Experience for future opportunities.
6. Opportunities for job placements at the end of 12 month period internally and externally, and references for good performing associates.
7. Associates will be issued Laptops for the program, which they go on to own after completion of the program.
8. Flexible payment Plans allowed.

How it Works

Commencement Date: 23rd of August 2021

Shortlisting: Applicants who best meet the selection criteria are enrolled into IAEP as Associates.

Modules: For 12 months, IAEP Associates will develop real, enterprise-level projects and programs, covering the following front and backend scope options:

Back End IAEP: N3,000,000.00 (Three Million Naira Only)
FrontEnd IAEP: N2,300,000.00 (Two Million Three Hundred Thousand Naira Only)

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Back End IAEP Scope Option

  • C#
  • Software Documentation
  • Asp.NET Core
  • Entity Framework Core
  • Containerize .NET App
  • Dapper
  • Develop cloud-native .NET apps for Azure (Microservice Architecture)
  • .NET 5 Library
  • Develop ASP.NET Core apps
  • Migrate .NET apps to Azure
  • Understand DevOps for .NET
  • Modernize desktop apps
  • Clean Architecture
  • Domain Driven Design Architecture
  • Signal R Messaging
  • Asp.NET Web API
  • Algorithm and Data Structures

Front End IAEP Scope Option

  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Getting Started with React
  • React Component
  • Creating reusable React Component
  • Styling your React.js Component for Reuse
  • Coach base and the Rage Stack
  • Render Agnostic Architecture
  • Advanced React.js
  • Next jS and React.js
  • React: The Big Picture
  • React: Getting Started 
  • Managing React State
  • Styling React Component
  • Server Rendering React components
  • Optimize performance for react
  • Building Applications with React and redux
  • Using react hooks
  • Calling APIs with react
  • Building React apps with typescript
  • React Native: The Big Picture
  • Building Mobile API with React native
  • Building React native app using expo
  • Building a chat app with React native
  • React native: component playbook
  • Styling React native apps
  • Testing mobile apps in React native